WHYsconsin is all about your questions.

We believe community listening is empowering; and at the center of this community-driven reporting project is you. For each story, we try to connect with the person who asked the question.

Our goal is to put the public in public radio, and one way to do that is by letting your questions guide our decisions and storytelling.

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So, share your questions with us! They can be about anything — your community, politics, government, climate change, health, geography, history, language, sports, animals — you name it.

Here’s a taste of the stories we’ve done that started off as questions from curious Wisconsinites: Why Lambeau Field was built where it stands; what communities in the state were sundown towns; Wisconsin’s history of being a swing state; the importance of keeping the Hmong language and culture alive; the landscape of reproductive health care post-Roe; the debate over the Upper Peninsula; and many more.

We want to help deepen people’s understanding of Wisconsin and the people who live here by answering your questions about the state. Ask that burning question, and we’ll investigate together!

Drop your question in the form below and take a look at stories that started as questions from other curious Wisconsinites.

Stories appear online and on air through Wisconsin Public Radio’s News Department, talk shows and Wisconsin Life.

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