Policies, Public Files and Reports

Annual Reports

WPR’s annual reports cover highlights from the year as well as public notice reports. All annual reports are in PDF format.

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Ethical Guidelines

Wisconsin Public Radio and PBS Wisconsin regularly review their institutional editorial ethics framework. Public radio and public television journalists and managers created a statement of our values and broad directions in a document known as “Principles of Editorial Integrity.” We have  adapted and embraced this document as the framework for the specific guidance contained in our own WPR and PBS Wisconsin Editorial Integrity Policies and Editorial Practices.

Financial Statements

Each year the financial statements of WHA Radio, a department of Wisconsin Public Media at University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board are audited by an independent auditor.

For more information on the audit and Annual Financial Report filed by the ECB, visit the Resources page on ecb.org.

For more information on the audit and Annual Financial Report filed by WPM, visit the Reports page on wpm.wisc.edu.

Local Content Reports

Each year, WPR completes Local Content Reports that are submitted to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for WHA-AM, WLSU-FM, WERN-FM  and WHAD-FM.

Here are the latest reports (links take you to ECB and WPM sites):

Open Meetings Information

Meetings of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board, and their committees that relate to Wisconsin Public Radio broadcast stations, are generally open to the public.

Certain meetings, or portions of meetings, may be closed in order to address confidential information or proprietary matters.

Meeting Notices and Minutes from Prior Meetings:

Public Inspection Files

Public Inspection files for all stations licensed to the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board and The University of Wisconsin System and programmed by Wisconsin Public Radio are available online on the ECB website as well as on our WPR Public Inspection Files page.

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Social Media Guidelines

We invite listeners to engage with our content, and each other, in a way that is thoughtful, authentic and respectful. The comments you post to our social media channels may be used on-air and may be edited for length and clarity.

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Trade Agreements

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