Ways to Support WPR

Wisconsin Public Radio listeners make up the largest source of our funding. With over 50,000 members and nearly 50 percent of them being sustainers, we’re able to deliver essential news, thought-provoking conversations and inspiring music thanks to the generous support of our members.

If WPR has been an important part of your life, please consider supporting us today. There are many ways you can give to WPR:

Become a member

Make a one-time donation or set up automatic, ongoing monthly donations. A donation of any amount makes you a member of the Wisconsin Public Radio Association.

Ask your company to match your donation

Hundreds of employers offer matching gifts to encourage employee support of public broadcasting and other nonprofits. Through company matching, it’s easy to double or even triple your donation to Wisconsin Public Radio!

Learn more about company matching.

Become a business sponsor

Reach our amazing audience by sponsoring on-air announcements or digital advertisements.

Learn more about business sponsorship.

Donate a gift of stock

When you donate stock/mutual funds to WPR, you receive a two-fold tax savings if your stock was held for more than one year

Learn more about giving stock.

Donate your vehicle

Declutter your garage and receive a tax donation by donating your motorized vehicles to WPR.

Learn more about vehicle donation.

Make an IRA rollover gift

Make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to WPR and take advantage of significant tax advantages

Learn more about IRA gifts.

Include WPR in your will or bequest

Naming WPR in your will, trust, or by beneficiary designation will help ensure that WPR is here for future generations.

Learn more about wills and bequests.

Make a gift via Donor Advised Fund

As a charitable investment fund, a DAF allows you to put cash or securities into the fund for the sole purpose of supporting the charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofits you value, like WPR.

Learn more about making a DAF gift

Have questions or want more information on supporting WPR? Checkout Support FAQ or contact Member Services at 800-383-9772 or send an email to membership@wpr.org