Donate your vehicle to WPR

You count on Wisconsin Public Radio for independent journalism, statewide discussions, world-class music and quality entertainment. Member support is the largest source of funding for this essential service. Thank you for donating a vehicle today!

To initiate a vehicle donation:

1. Complete this form, or call 855-277-2346.

2. Schedule when the tow truck will pick up your vehicle – at no cost to you!

3. Receive your tax receipt directly from CARS, WPR’s vehicle donation partner.

More about vehicle donation

You can donate a car, truck, trailer, boat, RV, motorcycle, camper, off-road vehicle, farm machinery, and other motorized vehicles!

Vehicle examples of cars, boats, vans, trailers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the donation process are answered here.

Benefits of donating a vehicle:

  • Free towing!
  • You’ll receive a tax deduction (if you can itemize).
  • Declutter your driveway or garage!
  • You do not have to do the work of finding a buyer (advertising, test drives, negotiating, paperwork, etc)
  • CARS, our vehicle donation partner, is also nonprofit, doing good in their community, so your vehicle donation has even greater impact. CARS provides affordable and accessible transportation options for older adults.