Matching Gifts

Hundreds of employers offer matching gifts to encourage employee support of public broadcasting and other nonprofits. Through matching gifts, it’s easy to double or even triple your donation to Wisconsin Public Radio!

Matching FAQ

How do I find out if my employer offers a matching gift program?

Search for your company using the database below or ask your HR representative if your company has a matching program. If they don’t yet have one, please ask them to consider starting one.

How do I apply for a matching gift?

If your company name appears in the search results, click on it for application information. If no online application form is provided, ask your HR representative for the form. Whatever the process, most applications only ask for your name, address, and details about your gift — it’s simple!

Where do I send my matching gift form?

If you’re submitting a paper form, send it along with your gift to:

  Wisconsin Public Radio
  Attn: Matching Gifts
  821 University Ave.
  Madison, WI 53706

What happens after I send in the form?

After we receive the form, we’ll complete our portion, verifying your donation, and return it to your employer. In turn, they’ll send an additional donation to us on your behalf.

I’m a sustainer, or I give monthly. Can I still have my donations matched?

Sure! Most businesses have you submit your yearly total to match, but please consult with your HR representative. We do send our sustainers and monthly donors an annual donation summary at the end of January for tax purposes … this is also a handy list to submit for a match.

What if I’m retired?

Many businesses offer this benefit to their retirees as well … ask the HR representative at your former employer.

Can my spouse also apply for a matching gift?

Yes! If your spouse’s employer also offers a matching gift program, you might be able to apply for an additional match to your gift.

What if I made a donation recently but didn’t apply for a matching gift at the time?

Many employers will still match your gift after it’s made … ask them about their requirements.

Is my employer’s match added to my donation in my membership record?

All employer matching gifts go into one big pool to support WPR programs. If you gave $50 and your employer matched with another $50, your record will only reflect your donation of $50.

What if I have other questions about matching gifts?

Please call our Membership Services Center at 1-800-383-9772.