Reedburg’s Broadband, Mask-Wearing Benefits

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We talk with the Reedsburg Utility Commission about how their rural community established a high-speed internet system two decades ago. Then, we discuss research showing the benefits wearing a mask has against infectious diseases.

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  • How Reedsburg Got Broadband

    It’s well established that rural communities in Wisconsin desperately need broadband internet service. The Reedsburg Utility Commission in Sauk County created one of the fastest internet systems in the country almost 20 years ago. We talk to officials from the utility to find out how they did it.

  • Wearing A Mask Protects Others — And Might Protect You, Too

    Wearing face masks is known to protect other people. Now, new research is finding that masks might protect the person wearing them, too. In light of the state mask mandate, an expert explains what’s known, and what remains unknown, about masks and respiratory illness.

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