Missing white adults and children receiving more media coverage, Wisconsin participating in trial for Lyme vaccine

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An advocate and a reporter detail how and why people of color receive less media attention if they go missing. An infectious disease physician talks about the possibility of a new vaccine for Lyme Disease.

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  • Missing people of color receive less attention, resources

    Nearly 40% of 600,000 Americans who go missing every year are people of color, yet missing white adults and children receive the majority of media coverage, according to a 2015 study. We talk about the disparity with the co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation and a Milwaukee reporter.

  • Lyme vaccine trial underway in Wisconsin

    The Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin is the only Midwest participant in a worldwide clinical trial for a vaccine against Lyme disease. It began its final trial this year. We speak with an infectious disease physician about preventing Lyme disease across the globe.

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