Tony Robinson Investigation Release Preview, Science News, Common Health Myths

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Growing up, parents always seemed to have the best homemade cures for hiccups, colds and other ailments. Our guest health expert puts these remedies to the test and separates myth from reality. We also catch up on the latest science headlines, and discuss the pending release of the investigation into the fatal shooting of Tony Robinson.

Featured in this Show

  • Previewing Tomorrow's Release Of Tony Robinson Investigation

    In one day, results from the investigation into the fatal shooting of Madison’s Tony Robison will be released. A reporter talks about how we got here, and previews the release.

  • Science News: North American Outbreak, The First Human Art, Haptic Screens

    In late 2014 a strange outbreak of a polio-like virus affected children in 34 states, mostly California. An editor at Discover Magazine discusses this new mystery disease and the questions it’s sparked. She also talks about the first human art and how its forced scientists to reevalutate assumptions about human evolution, and she explains how haptic screens are revolutionizing technology.

  • TV Rots Your Brain–Or Does It? Busting Common Health Myths

    Does TV really rot our brains? Does old-fashioned stretching before athletic activity really prevent injuries? Does ice water help burn calories? A Wisconsin health and exercise expert tackles commonly-held bits of health wisdom…and sorts the legends from the real deals.

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