Subsidizing Child Care, The Future Of Wisconsin Walleye, New Proposal Could Change How Cash Tips Are Taxed

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The best way to help lower-income people pay for child care is being hotly debated. We look at what has worked, and what hasn’t. The future of finding Wisconsin walleye on your plate looks grim a few decades from now. We learn why. And a new bill in the state legislature would make cash tips tax free for Wisconsin workers. We speak to a lawmaker about the proposal.

Featured in this Show

  • How To Make Child Care More Affordable

    The lack of affordability in child care is a perennial issue, and now some candidates running for president in 2020 are developing their own policy proposals to help. We talk to an expert about what we know about the best ways to improve access to quality child care.

  • Study Finds Fewer Wisconsin Lakes Will Support Walleye In Coming Decades

    Conditions in Midwestern lakes will be changing in the next few decades, posing challenges for Wisconsin’s walleye population. We find out how the fish will be impacted and what it means for future harvesting practices.

  • Proposed Bill Would Make Cash Tips Tax Free In Wisconsin

    Wisconsin workers who receive cash tips could soon have that income tax free if a bipartisan proposal passes in the state legislature. We’ll talk to one of the lawmakers sponsoring the bill.

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