When Overcrowded ERs Turn Away Ambulances, Understanding Food Allergies

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An overcrowded ER can cause a hospital to send an ambulance to another medical facility. In many major cities this practice, called ambulance diversion, is still legal. We learn more about why it happens and how it can be avoided. We also talk with an allergist about understanding food allergies.

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  • Why Emergency Rooms Regularly Turn Away Ambulances

    What happens to patients in need of critical care when overcrowded hospital emergency rooms turn away ambulances and send them elsewhere? An investigative reporter tells us about this practice, known as ambulance diversion, which is still legal in most major cities.

  • Understanding Food Allergies

    Recent research estimates that more than 26 million American adults have an allergy to one or more foods. We turn to an allergist to understand how food allergies work, the range of severity, and what to know when it comes to talking with your doctor.

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