Task Force To Start Looking At Lowering Prescription Prices, All About FAFSA

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Applying for federal student financial aid can get complicated. We look at how often Wisconsin families are filling out FAFSA forms to receive aid and learn how to successfully complete them. Then, we talk to one of Governor Tony Evers’ new picks for his Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices.

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  • The FAFSA: How Often Families Use It, How To Avoid Pitfalls

    Applying for federal student financial aid, through a form called the FAFSA, can help families pay for a college education. A researcher explains how often Wisconsin families actually complete the form. Then, two college advisers explain how to avoid common pitfalls.

  • Task Force Aimed At Reducing Drug Prices Formulates

    Governor Tony Evers has appointed members to a new task force focused on reducing prescription drug prices. We talk to the head of a Rock County health clinic about his role as an appointee and how price transparency and better access to generics could impact drug costs.

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