How To Help Physicians Fighting The Opioid Epidemic, Stray Voltage Can Spell Trouble For Farmers

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There are many moving parts in tackling the nation’s opioid epidemic, from families with a loved one struggling with addiction to lawmakers passing legislation to change the system. One major force is the physicians treating patients battling addiction. We learn how to offer support to the doctors treating opioid-related conditions. We also hear about stray electrical voltage and the damage it can cause to Wisconsin farms.

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  • What Could Best Help Physicians Fighting The Nation's Opioid Epidemic?

    Physicians are on the front lines of America’s ongoing opioid crisis, but they may not always have the resources and treatment options they need at their disposal. The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse weighs in on what steps could be taken to better support doctors who treat opioid overdoses and other opioid-related conditions.

  • What Stray Voltage Is And How It Impacts Farmers

    A jury recently awarded a Wisconsin farmer more than $13 million for damages caused by stray voltage from their local utility company. We discuss what stray voltage is and how it impacts America’s Dairyland.

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