Supreme Court And The Affordable Care Act, Safe Holiday Shopping Tips, Veterans Day And Covid Testing

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We talk with a Supreme Court analyst about the case the court is weighing this week about the Affordable Care Act. Then a leader from the Better Business Bureau helps us prepare to safeguard ourselves online while we do holiday shopping. And we look at Veterans Day in Wisconsin, and how the state’s National Guard is assisting with COVID-19 testing.

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  • US Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Challenge To Affordable Care Act

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a case that seeks to strike down the Affordable Care Act. We find out how justices reacted to what they heard, and what the case means for the future of health care in America.

  • How To Be Vigilant While Shopping Online This Holiday Season

    Because of COVID-19, most consumers plan to do at least some — if not all — of their holiday shopping online this year. That means scammers are ready to pounce. We have some tips on how to protect your identity and your pocketbook.

  • On Veterans Day, A Look At Wisconsin National Guard's Role In COVID-19 Testing

    The Wisconsin National Guard says it has collected more than 803,000 COVID-19 tests. On this Veterans Day, we look at the role the Guard is playing in the fight against the coronavirus and other events in 2020.

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