Remaking ‘Oregon Trail’ From Native Perspective, Alcohol In Wisconsin, Health Insurance Losses

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When Rivers Were Trails
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WPR News kicks off a two-week series on Wisconsin’s complicated relationship with alcohol. We find out which aspects reporters are highlighting. We also look at why more than one million Americans lost health insurance in 2018. Plus, we hear from a game developer who created a video game similar to “The Oregon Trail” but from the perspective of Native Americans.

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  • 'When Rivers Were Trails' Puts Indigenous Spin On 'The Oregon Trail'

    A new educational video game aims to do what “The Oregon Trail” did not — tell stories of Indigenous peoples during that era of America’s history. We hear about “When Rivers Were Trails” and the Indigenous creators who brought it to life.

  • WPR's 'High Tolerance' Series Explores Wisconsin's Relationship With Alcohol

    Wisconsin has a strong drinking culture, but that comes at a high cost. We talk with WPR’s news director about a series kicking off today that explains everything from the economic impact of craft breweries to the problem of teen drinking.

  • More Than 1 Million Americans Lost Health Insurance Coverage In 2018

    According to a new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.1 million fewer Americans had health insurance coverage in 2018. We learn why and talk about how health insurance could impact the 2020 presidential election.

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