Postcards From Milwaukee, Rethinking Taxes In Wisconsin, Cranberry Fest, Art And Isolation

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Is it time to rethink taxes in Wisconsin? We talk to the author of a new report which suggests the state should cut income and property taxes, while expanding sales tax. In Wisconsin Life, we learn about a Cranberry Festival in the state. Then we hear about two Milwaukee art projects: one that focuses on images of everyday people in Wisconsin’s largest city, and another that works to bring the city’s residents together through art.

Featured in this Show

  • Postcards From America: Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee Art Museum exhibit “Postcards from America: Milwaukee” focuses on the everyday lives of people in Wisconsin’s largest city, with photos from some of the country’s premier photographers.

  • Conservative Think Tank Releases Report With Tax Policy Ideas For Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute just released a report with suggestions for Wisconsin tax policy, including lowering income tax and changing what is taxed in the state. The group’s president discusses these new ideas and how he’d like to see them implemented.

  • Breaking Down Isolation In Milwaukee

    An art project aims to bring people together and break down isolation in Milwaukee. The organizer behind the “Islands of Milwaukee” project explains why art can have the power to break through the things that divide us.

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