Lawmakers Hold First Public Hearing On Governor Walker’s Proposed Budget, Beef Prices Are Down, Mondays With Mike

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You may notice that your steaks and ground beef purchases are taking a smaller bite out of your food budget. We find out why beef prices are down in Wisconsin. Starting this month, we will welcome WPR Director Mike Crane or Associate Director and Director of Content Mike Arnold every other month to Central Time. Tune in to hear about exciting WPR projects and events, and to ask questions about programming. And we talk about the first public hearing on Governor Walker’s proposed budget.

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  • Lawmakers Hold First Public Hearing On Governor Walker's Proposed Budget

    The first of six public hearings on the Governor’s proposed 2017-19 budget was held at UW-Platteville today. We speak with WPR State Capitol Reporter Laurel White about the meeting.

  • Highest Beef Production In Years Keeping Prices Low

    For those of us anxious to get burgers and steaks on the grill, prices at the grocery store will be a pleasant surprise. Beef is selling at about two dollars less per pound than it was in 2015. A professor of agricultural economics is with us to discuss what’s behind the drop in price, how beef producers are being affected, and where the market will go from here.

  • Mondays With Mike: April 2017

    Join us for the April 2017 edition of Mondays with Mike, which will now be a Central Time segment every other month. Associate Director and Director of Content Mike Arnold shares information on new show pilots that will air soon on both WPR networks and looks ahead to upcoming events like the annual State of the Tribes address and Wisconsin’s spring elections. He also addresses your questions and concerns about WPR programming and operations.

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