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On May 20, all of WPR’s 38 stations will shift format to either WPR News or WPR Music.

Most listeners will be able to hear both services where they live, but you may need to reset your radio to get the programs you want. In Milwaukee, WPR Music will replace The Ideas Network on 90.7 FM.

Below you’ll find maps for each network that will take affect on May 20. Below the maps, you’ll find the list of signals organized alphabetically by city. You can also download a PDF of the WPR News and WPR Music station maps to print at home.

More Ways To Listen

You can also listen to your favorite programs on WPR News and WPR Music live online at, via the free WPR mobile app and on your smart speaker regardless of your location. WPR also operates four HD radio stations that provide additional listening options in the following areas:

  • 90.7-2 HD Radio – WPR News in Milwaukee
  • 88.7-2 HD Radio – WPR Music in Madison
  • 91.3-2 HD Radio – WPR News in Highland
  • 90.9-2 HD Radio – WPR Music in Wausau

Learn more about HD radio and how to listen online here.

WPR Music Stations

Ashland/BayfieldWPR Music104.7 FM
AuburndaleWPR Music930 AM
Eau ClaireWPR Music89.7 FM
Elgin, ILWPR Music88.9 FM
Green BayWPR Music88.1 FM
HighlandWPR Music91.3 FM
La CrosseWPR Music88.9 FM
MadisonWPR Music107.9 FM
MadisonWPR Music90.5 FM
MadisonWPR Music88.7-2 HD
MarshfieldWPR Music100.9 FM
MenomonieWPR Music90.7 FM
MilwaukeeWPR Music90.7 FM
RhinelanderWPR Music89.9 FM
SheboyganWPR Music91.7 FM
Sister BayWPR Music91.9 FM
Stevens PointWPR Music99.1 FM
SuperiorWPR Music91.3 FM
WausauWPR Music101.3 FM
WausauWPR Music91.9 FM
WausauWPR Music90.9-2 HD
NOTE: HD stations are not shown on the maps and require an HD radio to listen. Find details here.

WPR News Stations

AshlandWPR News90.9 FM
Brule/SuperiorWPR News89.9 FM
ElkhornWPR News101.7 FM
Eau Claire/MenomonieWPR News88.3 FM
Green BayWPR News89.3 FM
JanesvilleWPR News100.3 FM
KenoshaWPR News91.1 FM
HighlandWPR News91.3-2 HD
La CrosseWPR News90.3 FM
Lake GenevaWPR News103.3 FM
MadisonWPR News88.7 FM
MadisonWPR News970 AM
MilwaukeeWPR News90.7-2 HD
OshkoshWPR News90.3 FM
Park FallsWPR News90.3 FM
PlattevilleWPR News89.1 FM
River FallsWPR News88.7 FM
Sister BayWPR News89.7 FM
SuperiorWPR News88.5 FM
WausauWPR News90.9 FM
NOTE: HD stations are not shown on the maps and require an HD radio to listen. Find details here.

Trouble finding a station? Explore our “Ways to Listen” page for how to listen online, with your phone, smart speaker, HD radio and more.