We Want Your Feedback

WPR Regional Director Lisa Nalbandian at a Listener Event in Milwaukee

Adjusting to new habits can take time and we didn’t make these decisions lightly. These changes will help ensure that the news, music, information and entertainment you rely on is available for decades to come.

WPR’s remarkable 100 year history was made possible by people who responded to changes in media and the needs of our state. All of us — listeners, supporters and staff — are stewards of WPR. With your help and support, we can ensure a bright future for WPR and Wisconsin.

If you have questions about the changes, you might find the answers on the FAQs page of this website. If not, of if you just want to leave a comment, please email
feedback@wpr.org or call 844-266-7724. Your input will be shared with our leadership team and will help inform future decisions.