Ana Alcaide and the Gotrasawala Ensemble – “Tales Of Pangea”

Album Cover

(source: https://www.sonicbids.com/band/ana-alcaide-gotrasawala-ensemble/)

Ana Alcaide is a Spanish performer, composer and music producer who carries out research on ancient traditions and cultures. Pioneer at playing and introducing nyckelharpa in Spain her music is commonly described as the Toledo Soundtrack. Ana writes and produces her songs, adds compositions and adapts her instrument to ancient melodies which had travelled around the Mediterranean and were originated in the Spanish Medievo. Her third album La Cantiga del Fuego has received great international recognition, remaining 5 months at the WMCE and considered one of the best 2012 albums for the specialized criticism. In 2015 she started the project ‘TALES of PANGEA’, in which she creates new music in collaboration with artist from other parts of the world, and she has focused in West Java, Indonesia.

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Ana Alcaide: Nyckelharpa

Bill Cooley: Psalterium, Ud, Clay Pot

Novi Aksmiranti: Voice

Rudi Rodexz: Bansing, Kecapi, Hang Drum, Voice

Riky Oktriyadi: Kendang, Selentem, Frame Drums, Hand Percussion

Rudini Zhiter: Kecapi

Iman Jimbot: Suling, Voice

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