#1078 Showcase Playlist (Live)

Album Cover of Music of Angola, ARC Music, 2014 featuring Manuel Didgo

#1078 features: Buena Vista Social Club, Mali’s Moussa Diallo, Ethiopian Groove by Krar Collective, Garifuna Collective, Las Ondas Marteles, Senegal’s Babacar, desert blues by Tinariwen, mambo master Perez Prado, Angelique Kidjo with Peter Gabriel, Angola’s Manuel Banedito Diogo, Lizz Wright Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, R. Carlos Nakai, Pakistani qawwali singer Faiz Ali Faiz, Tito Paris, Cuba’s Bebo Valdes Orchestra, Honduras’ Guillermo Anderson, Bill Withers, Russia’s Terem Quartet and more during this live broadcast of Hg. Playlist subject to change without notice.

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 1

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1. Angélique Kidjo/Peter Gabriel ‘Salala’ Alb Tk 4 3.24

Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo, one of world music’s most electrifying performers whose style is steeped in the tribal and pop rhythms of her West African heritage from Benin. Kidjo opens this edition of Hg with Salala. Djin, Djin, Razor & Tie, 2007

2. Manuel Benedito Diogo ‘Wa kwata imbamba Ya’ Alb Tk 2 4.41

Traditional gospel with an Angolan twist comes next. The Wa kwata imbamba ya featuring Manuel Benedito Diogo. Music Of Angola, ARC Music, 2015

3. Techung with Ke’ Mo ‘Lam La Che (On the Road)’ Tk 15 3.26

The Blues shakes hands with traditional music from Tibet with Tibetan folk artist Te-chung. China has on one side India with Nepal on the other. Techung joined by Keb’ Mo’ three-time American Grammy Award-winning blues musician offers the tune Lam La Che (On The Road), a familiar piece of life for traveling musicians just about everywhere.

Lam La Che – On The Road, ARC Music Productions, 2013

4. Tinariwen ‘Toumast Tincha’ Alb Tk 1 4.20

The band Tih-NAH-ree-wen, hails from the desolate Sahara Desert of Northern Mali – home to the nomadic Ta-ma-shek tribe. Displaced by war, the tribe roams the desert herding camels and goats-some like today’s Tinariwen, make music replacing desert life for travel around the globe where they share their hypnotic blues-like groove with Toumast Tincha, meaning people have been sold out. The work states that peace imposed by force is bound to fail, and gives way to hatred, hold to your dignity and self-confidence. Emmaar, Wedge Sarl, 2014

5. AfroCubism ‘La Culebra’ Alb Tk 5 3.34

In 2010, the album AfroCubism, considered the No. 1 World Music Album by multiple sources came to be after a decade of setbacks including travel restrictions from Cuba. In the end, the long awaited musical collaboration in which Cuba meets Mali gave birth to a rich, yet subtle fusion of African and Cuban sounds. Here’s taste of that marriage called La Culebra. Afrocubism, Nonesuch Records, 2010

6. Garifuna Women ‘Hattie’ Alb Tk 5 4.02

This next work features the Garifuna women of Central America. Their music unites the legacies of Africa and the Caribbean with messages of hope, longing and celebration and tragedy as recalled about a storm named Hattie. Watina, Cumbancha, 2007

7. Lizz Wright ‘Leave Me Standing Alone’ #981 Tk 5 5.06

Lizz Wright is an American jazz/R&B singer and composer. Wright was born in the small town of Hahira in the US state of Georgia. Her sound is soulful, spiritual and bluezy.

The Orchard, Verve Forcast, 2007

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 2

8. Septeto Habanero ‘Desde el Día En Que Te VICD 1 Tk 7 3.08

The breezy texture of Cuba’s son styled music lives on today and though fashioned after early groups like the famed Septeto Habanero, founded in 1920 who played an important part in the early development of the Cuban musical style, son with charts like this one called Days-day-el Dee-ah En Kay Tay Vee. Notice the presence of maracas, an instrument vital to Cuban music. 90 Años, Septeto Habanero, 2009

9. Baaba Maal ‘A Song For Women’ Alb Tk 5 6.23

Baaba Maal is a Senegalese singer dedicates a song the liberation of women. It’s called A Song For Women from his most recent album Television.

Television, Palm Pictures, 2009

10. Roswell Rudd ‘Bamako’ ` Doorway Tk 6 6.29

His music is in a word irresistible, textured with soul, and warm groove…perhaps you’ll become a fan

Folkmusic From Peru, ARC, 2010

11. Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars ‘Money No Do’ Alb Tk 9 3.58

The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. Their story is documented in the 2005 documentary film Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

Libation, Cumbancha, 2014

12. Kutumba ‘Freedom’ Alb Tk 7 7.19

Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble committed to the research, perseveration and celebration of the diversity that exists in the indigenous Napali music and its people.

Utsarga, SAC Music, 2010

13. Ceumar ‘Liberdade’ Alb Tk 2 3.47

Performing for the first time on Higher Ground is the artist Ceumar, a Brazilian born singer with the tune Liberdade. Silencia, ARC Music, 2015

14. Carlos Herrero ‘Charro del Marinero y la Estrella (The Charro of the Sailor and the Star) Alb Tk 4 4.16

Carlos Herrero, guitarrista, compositor y profesor de Mùsica presents Charro el Marinero y la Estrella (the charro of the Sailor and the star). Código de Barros, ARC Music, 2015

15. Kiran Ahluwalia ‘Mustt Mustt’ Sngls #80 Tk 1 4.17

Joined by a few Touareg musical friends, Canadian-India singer Kran Ahluwalia, provides a taste of Afro-Indian sounds with a song of worship called Mustt Mustt made famous by Nurat Fahtah Ali Khan Aam Zameen: Common Grund, Kiran Music, 2011

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 3

16. Sambasunda Quintet ‘Kemband Tanjung’ CD A Tk 7 7.23

Held to be the fourth most populous country on earth, the music of Indonesia who by the way receives surprisingly little attention on the world music stage, features much more that stately bronze gongs of its gamelan ensembles. The Sam-ba-sun-da Quintet led by Ban-dung-born fusionist Ismet Ru-chi-mat, gives a global audio view of another side of the Indonesian gamelan and features the folksier Sundanese sound of West Java.

(A) Riverboat Records: Music From The Source, Riverboat Records, Feb 25, 2014

17. Turkish Folk Music Ensemble ‘Zeybek’ Alb Tk 9 5:45

Turkish folk music combines the distinct cultural values of all civilizations that have lived in Anatolia and the past territories in Europe and Asia with a variety of styles, scales and rhythms not to mention special dances and costumes for each region as well and several names attached to music without words – Zey-bek, featuring the Turkish Folk Music Ensemble, is one of them. Traditional Music From Turkey, ARC, 2010

18. Sam & Ruby ‘Heaven’s My Home’ #981 Tk 2 4.13

Sam & Ruby are an American musical duo represented by Sam Brooker and Ruby Amanfu. Sam & Ruby are based in Nashville. Their song “Heaven’s My Home” was featured on the movie and soundtrackThe Secret Life of Bees.

The Here and the Now, Combustion Music 2/Sam & Ruby, 2009

19. Tito Paris ‘Tchapeau Di Padja (Remix)’ Alb Tk 6 4.09

Tito Paris, (born in Cape Verde) is a singer and musician. Paris has a long career behind him and is among the most popular musicians from Cape Verde successfully blending the sound of Cape Verdean traditional mornas, coladeiras and funanas with the moderns sounds of Portugal and rest of the world. Paris performs Sha PEE Ah-oo GEE Pah-jah.

World Connection, World Connection Compilation, 2009

20. Bebo Valdes Orchestra ‘Copla no 4’ SuiteCub Tk 6 5.32

Bebo Valdés is a Cuban pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger. He was a central figure in the golden age of Cuban music, led two famous big bands, and was one of the ‘house’ arrangers for the Tropicana Club. This is one of his big band compositions entitled Copla Numero Quatro. Bebo De Cuba, Calle54 Records, 2005

21. Septeto Habanero ‘Tres Lindas Cubanas’ CD 1 Tk 2 4.07

The breezy texture of Cuba’s son styled music lives on today as a result of pioneering ensembles like Septeto Habanero with the tune Tres Lindas Cubanas.

90 Años, Septeto Habanero, 2009

22. Iness Mezel ‘Strange Blues’ Sglns #75 Tk 1 3.45

Iness Mezel‘s French and North African fusion blues makes for an impressive sound fashioned on the piece titled Strange Blues. Beyondd The Trance, Wrasse Records, 2010

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 4

23. Tshala Muana, “Lwa-Touye” (Congo) Tshala M. CD Tk 2 5.49

Shah-lah mwah-nah is from the Democratic Republic Of Congo…she made her mark as a dancer in a style called Mu-tu-a-shi popular in her Luba Tribe… in this song she sings Leh-keh-lah mwah-dee...which explores the connection between mutuashi rhythm and the Cuban style of music called son…the setting is a Lullaby used to calm a crying baby….don’t cry baby…your parents are out earning a living to provide for you.

Soukous Sirens, Shanachie, 1985

24. Le Vent du Nord ‘Laniaire’ Sgls #66 Tk 4 4.52

Performing Laniaire from their 2009 album called La Paert du Feu comes the ensemble Le Vent du Nord with a straight ahead number steeped in the folk flavor of the band’s home, Quebec. La Part du Feu, Borealis Records, 2009

25. Justine Adams/Juldeh CamaraYerro MamaSgls #48 Tk 2 4.34

Growing up in the Middle East helped to shape the musical interests of Justin Adams-guitarist and composer who concentration in blues and African styles contributes to the tune Yerro Mama featuring Juldeh Camara, Gambian griot and master musician on the ritti- a fiddle with one lone string. The results portray what happens at a meeting between rock ‘n roll and a West African Fulani Griot.

Songlines Magazine Compilation, Issue #48 December 2007

26. Faiz Ali Faiz & Titi Robin ‘Mast Qalandar’ Sglns #65 Tk 8 6.21

Featuring the sacred work Mast Qalandar, is Faiz Ali Faiz a Pakistani qawwali singer. Faiz was born into a family of seven generations of qawwali singers. He’s joined by French musician “Titi” Robin. Songlines Magazine Compilation, Issue #65, Jan/Feb, 2010

27. Guillermo Anderson ‘Aves’ Alb Tk 4 2.58

The tropical rainforests of Central and South American are home to thousands of different types of birds and other animals. Guillermo Anderson from Honduras laments the harm being done to the rainforest with people are cutting down trees to clear land for farming and harvesting the wood to build more houses. The colorful birds described in the song Aves, must be protected.

Putumayo Kids Presents Animal Playground, Putumayo World Music, 2007

28. Leahy ‘Seamus’ Alb Tk 2 4.29

Using the family name Lay-hee comes the Celtic pop group from Lakefield, Ontario, featuring nine siblings who began performing during the 1970s. Today their distinctive style is informed not only by Celtic traditions but also by Canadian folk and French-Canadian step dancing. Lay-hee’s repertoire includes the work, Seamus.

Leahy Live from Gatineau, Quebec, 2006

29. Ceumar ‘Encantos de Sereia’ Alb Tk 3 4.12

Again, Brazilian artist Ceumar with Encantos de Sereia. Silencia, ARC Music, 2015

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 5

30. Terem Quartet ‘Legend Of The Mountain ManCD1 Tk 6 4.28

Terem-Quartet is a musical ensemble from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The-rem, created in 1986, favors playing in the field of Crossover with works like The Legend of The Mountain Man. 30 Real World AT WOMAD, Realworld Records, 2012

31. Angélique Kidjo ‘Ebile’ #1040 Tk 7 3.02

Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo, one of world music’s most electrifying performers with a onus to explore the relationships of diverse musical cultures performs Ebile featuring the American based Kronos Quartet. The music of Kidjo is steeped in the tribal and pop rhythms of her West African heritage from Benin. In tandem Kidjo and the Kronos Quartet perform Ebile, a song about women being the anchor of humanity.

Eve, SLG, 2014

32. Salif Keita ‘Yambo’ Alb Tk 7 6.15

Salif Keita is an internationally recognized Afro-Pop singer and song writer from Mali. He is unique not only because of his reputation as the Golden Voice of Africa, but because he is an albino and a direct descendant of the founder of the Mali Empire, Sundiata Keita. He was outcast by his family and ostracized by the community because he was an albino, a sign of bad luck mistakenly believed in Mandinka culture. Musically, he achieved much. Keita performs Yambo…it a sad story about Yambo Ouloguem, a celebrated Malian writer whose literary career was soiled by complaints of plagiarism.

M’Bemba, Decca, 2005

33. Lizz Wright ‘Song For Mia’ #981 Tk 4 4.54

Lizz Wright is an American jazz/R&B singer and composer. Wright was born in the small town of Hahira in the US state of Georgia. Her sound is soulful, spiritual and bluezy.

The Orchard, Verve Forcast, 2007

34. Manuel Benedito Diogo ‘Yaweh deus de Angola’ Alb Tk 1 5.47

Traditional gospel from Angola Manuel Benedito brings his infectious blend of mainstream semba and Angolan folk to the stage with Yaweh deus de Angola.

Music Of Angola, ARC Music, 2015

35. Gaelic Storm ‘The Buzzards Of Bourbon Street’ Tk 9 (3:33)

An alum of the Madison world music festival is the Celtic Band Gaelic Storm – a band that invents their own brand of music, grounded in traditional riffs and instruments. The storm takes on The Buzzards Of Bourbon Street. Cabbage, Lost Again Records, 2010

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 6

36. Mustapha Baqbou ‘Yumala’ WldCircuitPrA Tk 10 8.02

Marrakech-born Maâlem (spiritual leader of his own Gnawa collective) Mustapha Baqbou is one of the great sentir (or gimbri) players of gnawa music Gnawa is traditionally healing music and shares similar characteristics with Malian n’goni music, perhaps because the Gnawa people of the Mali Empire were once sold into slavery to Morocco where the music still lives first created centuries ago. Today the music is represented by a mixture of Islam and West African religions and the summoning of benevolent spirits to the aid the sick.

World Circuit Presents, World Circuit, 2007

37. Jyotsna Srikanth Annapoorne’ Sgls #94 Tk 8 5.24

J-yots-na Sri-kanth is an Indian violinist and composer, she performs Carnatic music and Western classical music. Her repertoire included the composition Anna-poor-ne’

Call of Bangalore, Riverboat Records, 2013

38. Carlos Herrero ‘Los Negros de Castilla (The Black People of Castilla)’ Alb Tk 5 4.23

Carlos Herrero, guitarrista, compositor y profesor de Mùsica Los Negro de Castilla (The Black People Of Castilla). Código de Barros, ARC Music, 2015

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 7


8P Opening

1. Buena Vista Social Club ‘Soneros de Verdad’ Alb Tk 1 4:28

A new generation of Buena Vista Social Club members has emerged and though the performers are different, the unmistakable sound of the club remains with a tune called Soneros de verdad from the new April 2014 album…

Best of Buena Vista Social Club, Vol. 2, ARC Music Production, 2014

2. Krar Collective ‘Guragigna’ Alb Tk 3 6:05

The Krar Collective dish up a mean supply of Ethiopian Groove music using Krar, a five- or six-stringed bowl-shaped lyre, ke-bero drums and vocals featuring traditional songs representing different tribes. This track Gu-ra-gi-gna is related to the names of an Ethiopian ethnic group.

The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World, World Music Network 2012

3. Tinariwen ‘Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim’ Alb Tk 5 4.51

The band is tih-NAH-ree-wen, from the desolate Sahara Desert of Northern Mali is the home of the nomadic Tamashek tribe…displaced by war, exiled to Algeria…they use a distinctive rich indigo dye to color their headscarves…the group performs Friends, Hear Me. The banishments that befall us are not right. More about Tinariwen on the Higher Ground website at wpr.org. Emmaar, Wedge Sarl, 2014

4. Kailash Kher & Kailasa ‘Guru Ghantal’ Alb Tk 3 3:58

Kailash Kher is an Indian pop-rock singer with a music style influenced by Indian folk music. He was inspired by the Qaw-wali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Kher sings about intoxication – the kind experienced in life and love – living it to the fullest…mix things up he sings, come away from the worries of the world, Guru Ghantal…get high on life.

Yatra (Nomadic Souls), Cumbancha, 2009

5. Babacar Y Sabor Internacional ‘Ignane’ Tk 8 5.32

As a child growing up in Sengegal, Babacar Sembe fell in love with Afro Cuban music that was the rage in West Africa in the 1950s and 60s. With Sabor Internacional his Charanga Style band, Sembe performs a song called Ig-nah-nay . Notice the flutes and and violins both of which have stylistic roots in late 19th century Cuban ballroom music. Salsa Around The World, Putumay, 2003

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 8


9P Opening

1. Garifuna Collective ‘Aganba (Listen)’ Alb Tk 10 (3:45)

It has been six years since Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective released Wátina, an album that received unanimous acclaim and elevated the international profile of the music and culture of Central America’s Afro-Ah-merin-dian Garifuna community. With the sudden death of Palacio, many wondered what would happen the the collective. Good news with the new release of Ayó (“Goodbye” in the Garifuna language), out June 18 2013 on the Cumbancha label, the Garifuna Collective lives on – having created an album of songs that reflect the rich heritage and appealing sound of contemporary Garifuna music. Garifuna performs Aganba (Listen).

Ayó, Cumbancha, 2013

2. Buena Vista Social Club ‘Habana Cuba’ Alb Tk 5 (4:03)

A new generation of Buena Vista Social Club members has emerged and though the performers are different, the unmistakable sound remains with Habana Cuba.

Best of Buena Vista Social Club, Vol. 2, ARC Music Production, 2014

3. Bill Withers w/Studio Rio ‘Lovely Day’ Alb Tk 1 3.58

At the age of 75, he’s still Bill – Bill Withers, American singer/songwriter, known broadly for the song “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Withers opens this edition with a Brazilian textured tune called Lovely Day. The Brazil Connection, Sony Music Entertainment, 2014

4. Mokhira ‘Galing Galing’ Alb Tk 9 3:40

Gay-ling Gayling is the song featuring the voice of Mok-hira-she has a background in ancient Makom singing, blending western and eastern music styles, old and new. Mokhira is from Uz-be-kistan. Again she sings Gayling Gayling…a Woman strong as a stone.

The Rough Guide To World Music, Vol. 2, World Music Network, 2000

5. Jacob Desvarieux ‘Oh Madiana’ #803 Tk 9 6.17

Part of the spark that touched off the zouk music explosion in Africa includes the music of Jacob Desvarieux (Zha Cub Dez Vah yuh) with Oh Mah dah nah. Classic Titles, Frochot Music, 2008

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 9


10P Opening

1. Las Ondas Marteles ‘Love In Outer Space’ Sgls #66 Tk 14 3.42

With the Album On Da Rocks comes the trio Las Ondas Mateles – a Franco-Spanish outfit performing a bit of Sun Ra’s space age jazz blended with crooning and a low-fi feel on a tune entitled Love In Outer Space. On Da Rocks, Corida, 2009

2. Mayra Andreade ‘Dimokransa’ CD 1 Tk 1 4.26

Featuring the voice of Cuban born artist Mayra Andrade dares to wonder if the reality of democracy matches the hopes of the idealists who fought to achieve it with song Dimokransa. Sound Of The World, Warner Music, 2007

3. Harry Koizumi ‘La Paloma’ Sgls #55 Tk 5 3.54

Born and raised in Hawaii, Harry Koizumi attended the University of Hawaii were he studied classical guitar. After many years of playing rock and roll, he transitioned to the slack-key guitar. Songlines Magazine Top Of The World Compilation No. 55, October 2008

4. Perez ‘Prez’ Prado ‘Caballo Negro’ Alb Tk 8 2.14

Perez Prado, King of Mambo with Caballo Negro

King Of Mambo, BMG Music, 1989

5. Felix Lajko ‘Zaszlo (Flag)’ CD2 Tk 10 4.35

Hungary’s Felix Lajko on violin demonstrates his affinity for the violin on Zaszlo (Flag).

Otro Mundo (Another World), Warner Music, 2009

6. Dikanda ‘Kaman Song’ Alb Tk 4 2.01

Dikanda is represented in several African dialect and it stands for family. The Group Dikanda group was founded in 1997 in Szczecin, Poland. This is directly connected with the group’s spirit – making music, living and working as if it was a small, loving family. Dikanda performs Kaman Song. Ajotoro, Dikanda, 2007

#1078 February 28, 2015 No. 10


7P Close

Bob Marley & Wailers ‘Jamming’ Alb Tk 14 4.54

Legend Remixed, Island Def Jam, 2013

8P Close

Nasio Fountaine ‘Reggae Music’ Alb Tk 11 4.04

Universal Cry, Greensleeve Records, 2006

9P Close

Bongo ‘The Way Kungakhona’ Doorway Tk 13 6:26

Bongolution, Sony, 2002

10P Close

33. GypsyGroovzOrchGoesTuttiMundi Hot Water Festival-Pt 5’AlbTk 15 5.16

Songlines Compilation: Songlines Music 2010 Awards, 2010