#1079 Showcase Playlist (Live)


This week’s edition of Higher Ground features: Mali’s Manu Dibango & Fatoumata Diawara, a taste of Congolese Rhumba by Verckys Et l’Orchestre Vévé, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Susana Baca, Algerian singer Rachid Taha, Kermit Ruffins, Ukraine’s Konsonans Retro, Blind Boys of Alabama, Brazil’s Tiganá Santana, Contemporary Scottish musician Kris Drever, Joãn Baez, The Unthinks, Leveret, Jyostsna Srikanth, Songhoy Blues, Gaelic Storm, Boubacar Traoré, the Punch Brothers and more. (playlist subject to change without notice)

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 1


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1. Fatoumata Diawara ‘Bissa’ Alb Tk 8 3.05

Fatou-mata Dia-wara is a Malian musician currently living in France. Her passion for music would cast a shadow on all other interests leading up to her debut album Fah-Two and its opening song Bissa. They wanted to give me to a man she sings, but I refused, as I didn’t love him, I want to choose love myself. Fatou, World Circuit, 2011

2. Terem Quartet ‘Legend Of The Mountain Man’ CD1 Tk 6 4.28

Terem-Quartet is a musical ensemble from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The-rem, created in 1986, favors playing in the field of Crossover with works like The Legend of The Mountain Man. 30 Real World AT WOMAD, Realworld Records, 2012

3. Punch Brothers ‘Boll Weevil’ Sngls #106 Tk 2 2.43

The Punch Brothers is aspiring quintet lead by mandolin player Chris performing Boll Weevil. The Phosphorescent Blues, Nonesuch Records, 2014

4. Salif Keita ‘Yambo’ Alb Tk 7 6.15

Salif Keita – Afro-Pop singer and song writer from Mali. He is unique not only because of his reputation as the Golden Voice of Africa, but because he is an albino and a direct descendant of the founder of the Mali Empire, Sundiata Keita. He was outcast by his family and ostracized by the community because he was an albino, a sign of bad luck mistakenly believed in Mandinka culture. Musically, he achieved much. Keita performs Yambo…it a sad story about Yambo Ou-lo-guem, a celebrated Malian writer whose literary career was soiled by complaints of plagiarism. M’Bemba, Decca, 2005

5. Lizz Wright ‘Song For Mia’ #981 Tk 4 4.54

Lizz Wright is an American jazz/R&B singer and composer. Wright was born in the small town of Hahira in the US state of Georgia performs Song For Mia.

The Orchard, Verve Forecast, 2007

6. Songhoy Blues ‘Soubour’ Sngls #106 Tk 1 3.37

The Songloy Blues Ensemble represents the new emerging sound hailing from Mali hailed as Mali’s next big thing. Songhoy appears for the first time on Higher Grund with Soubour. Music In Exile, Transgressive Records, 2015

7. Manuel Benedito Diogo ‘Yaweh deus de Angola’ Alb Tk 1 5.47

Traditional gospel from Angola Manuel Benedito brings his infectious blend of mainstream semba and Angolan folk to the stage with Ya-weh de-us de Angola.

Music Of Angola, ARC Music, 2015

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 2

8. Gaelic Storm ‘The Buzzards Of Bourbon Street’ Tk 9 3:33

With a concert coming to Madison, Wisconsin, here is the Celtic Band Gaelic Storm – a band that invents their own brand of music, grounded in traditional riffs and instruments. The storm takes on The Buzzards Of Bourbon Street.

Cabbage, Lost Again Records, 2010

9. Boubacar Traoré ‘Hona’ Sngls #106 Tk 5 5.43

Here is Boubacar Traoré a renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He had taught himself to play guitar and developed a unique style that blended American Blues music, Arab music, and pentatonic structures (5 note scale found in many traditions) including found in West Africa’s Mande cultural region. Mbalimaou, Lusafrica, , 2014

10. Mustapha Baqbou ‘Yumala’ WldCircuitPrA Tk 10 8.02

Marrakech-born Maâlem or priest, Mu-sta-pha Baq-bou is one of the great gimbri players of Gnawan music, traditionally healing music. The bass like instrument is similar in characteristics to the Malian n’goni instrument and music-the Gnawa people of the Malian Empire were once sold into slavery to Morocco where the music still lives today, though first created centuries ago. The song Yumala is represented by a mixture of Islam and West African religions invested with a summoning of benevolent spirits to the aid the sick. World Circuit Presents, World Circuit, 2007

11. Jyotsna Srikanth Annapoorne’ Sgls #94 Tk 8 5.24

J-yots-na Sri-kanth is an Indian violinist and composer who performs Car-na-tic music and Western classical music. Her repertoire included the composition Anna-poor-ne’

Call of Bangalore, Riverboat Records, 2013

12. Carlos Herrero ‘Los Negros de Castilla (The Black People of Castilla)’ Alb Tk 5 4.23

Here again is Carlos Herrero, guitarrista, compositor y profesor de Mùsica y Los Negro de Castilla (The Black People Of Castilla). Código de Barros, ARC Music, 2015

13. Leveret ‘Gallons Of Cognac’ Sngls #106 Tk 9 3.13

The English squeezebox and string trio, Leh-ver-ret share a taste of their repertoire of traditional and original tunes fashioned well with a bit of improvisation mixed in a musical cocktail called Gallons of Cognac. Mbalimaou, Lusafrica, , 2014

14. Blind Boys of Alabama ‘People Get Ready’ CD1 Tk 3 3:22

The legendary gospel group the Blind Boys of Alabama who started up back in 1939 with five Grammy Awards that followed spanning seven decades with guite a recorded songbook of their own, the Blind Boys of Alabama put their signature on the old classic R&B hit by Curtis Mayfield, People Get Ready.

30 Real World AT WOMAD, Real World Records, 2012

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 3

15. Iness Mezel ‘Strange Blues’ Sglns #75 Tk 1 3.45

Ih-ness Meh-zel’s French and North African fusion-blues makes for an impressive sound neatly fashioned on the work, Strange Blues. Beyond The Trance, Wrasse Records, 2010

16. Leontyne Price ‘Summertime’ Sng Tk 2:26

With conductor Skitch Henderson and the RCA Victor Orchestra, lyric soprano Leontyne Price performs the aria Summertime from George Gerswin’s classic opera Porgy and Bess. Artists Of The Century: Leontyne Price, BMG Music, 1998

17. BluesBoyDanOwen‘Beauty In Disaster’ Sngls#98 Tk 14 3.47

The Youthful artist known as Blues Boy Dan Owen has the voice of a seasoned blues singer evidenced on the selection Beauty In Disaster.

Songlines Magazine Compilation March, Issue #98, Songlines, 2014

18. The Unthanks ‘Magpie’ Sngls #106 Tk 6 5.08

Here is the Nor-thum-bri-an folk band, The Unthanks, a bold collective with a light artsy quality, though full of life as demonstrated on Magpie.

Mount the Air, Rabble Rouser Music, 2015

29. Oliver Mtukudzi ‘Hope’ #857 Tk 5 4.54

With work Hope, Zim-bab-WEE-an artist Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi characterizes the challenge of sustaining human Hope for good and peace in many parts of the world.

The Nhava, Heads Up International, 2005

20. Idan Raichel’s Project ‘BlessingsForTheNewYear’ AlbTk 8 3.33 Idan Raichel is an Israeli singer-songwriter and a musician, known for his Idan Raichel Project-distinctive for its fusion of electronics, traditional Hebrew texts, Middle Eastern and Ethiopian music. In 2008 I interviewed Idan learning much about his love of his music and humanity. This is his composition titled Blessings For The New Year.

Rough Guide To Ultimate Musical Adventures, World Music Network, 2008

21. Joãn Baez ‘Play Me Backwards’ Alb Tk 7 4.07

Joan Baez is an American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and activist who has performed publicly for over 55 years, releasing over 30 albums. Fluent in Spanish as well as in English, she has also recorded songs in at least six other languages. Baez sings Play Me Backwards.

The Best Of Folk Music – Contemporary Folk, Rhino Records/Putumayo Records, 1993

22. Lady Maisery ‘The Factory Girl’ Sglns #94 Tk 3 5.18

Performing the Factory Girl, here is Lady Maisery inspired by the folk singing traditions of the UK and Northern Europe. Mayday, RootBeat Records, 2013

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 4

23. 40. Jaron Freeman-Fox And The Opposite Of Everything ‘Auctioneering Everything’ Snglns#98 Tk 2 5.21

With the group The Opposite of Everything, here’s Jaron Freeman – Fox and tune from his second release called Auctioneering Everything.

Songlines Magazine Compilation March, Issue #98, Songlines, 2014

24. John Stewart ‘Irresistable Targets’ Alb Tk 2 4.27

John Coburn Stewart was an American songwriter and singer, known for his contributions to the American folk music movement of the 1960s. Stewart never one to shy away from social issues, wrote Irresistable Targets, a musical essay about prejudice against those who are different.

The Best Of Folk Music – Contemporary Folk, Rhino Records/Putumayo Records, 1993

25. Kris Drever ‘Harvest Gypsies’ Sglns #94 Tk 11 3.29

Kris Drever is a Scottish contemporary folk musician and songwriter, who came to prominence in 2006 with the release of his debut solo album, Black Water. From the album Drever presents the tune Harvest Gypsies. Black Water, Reveal Records, 2013

26. Pascuala Ilabaca Y Fauna ‘Carnaval De San Lorenzo De Tarapacá’ Sngls #106 Tk 7 4.47

Chilean singer-songwriter and accordionist Ilabaca put together a varied album with jazz, idie and rock elements. The tune Carnaval De San Lorenzo De Tarapacá lies within. Busco paraiso, Petit Indie, 2012

27. Aurelio ‘Lubara Wanwa’ CD2 Tk 5 5:44

Born in the tiny coastal hamlet of Plaplaya on Honduras’ Caribbean coast, Aurelio Martinez, may be one of the last generations to grow up steeped in the Garifuna tradition. This tradition encompass the African and Caribbean Indian roots of his ancestors, a group of shipwrecked enslaved Africans who intermarried with local natives on the island known today as St. Vincent, only to be deported to the Central American coast in the late eighteenth century. On the number Lu-bara Wan-wa, Aurelio sings of a sailor who return from the sea to await the birth of a child he suspects might not be his. Aurelio is joined by Youssou N’Dour.

30 Real World At WOMAD, Real World Records, 2012

28. Bendeniz ‘Kirmizi Biber’ Alb Tk 1 3.36

The song Ker Meh zuh bee Bair by the artist Ban Deh Neez (Hot Chili) is a love song textured with Middle Eastern rhythms, violin, and clarinet. The artist complains lightheartedly about her lover, always in a hurry, tricky, one little kiss she sings will do for her. Turkish Groove, Putumayo World Music, 2006

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 5

29. Louis Sarno ‘Yeyi-Greeting’ Sngls #106 Tk 10 4.34

The following song Yeyi-Greeting is from the documentary film of Louis Sarno’s chronicled travels to the Central African Republic. I find such field recordings quite beautiful, pure, and unmediated – often they are unlike anything we’ve heard.

Song from the Forest OST, Tondowski Films, 2014

30. Temenik Electric ‘Déouni’ Sglns #94 Tk 4 4.00

Teme-nik Electric is an artist who likes to experiment exuberantly with Mediterranean cultures and music with Deo-uni. Ouesh Hada?, Nomad’café, 2013

31. Amadou and Mariam ‘Sekebe’ Alb Tk 15 4.31

Amadou & Mariam are a musical duo from Mali singing Sekebe from their 2009 album Welcome To Mali. Welcome To Mali, Nonesuch, 2009

32. Konsonans Retro ‘Khasitsky Tanets & Horo’ Alb Tk 9 4:17 From the Ukraine come the brothers Bara-nov-sky and their in-laws – all with a passion for the wild and sweet wedding music of their homeland, an earthy blend of Mo-davian, Ukrainian and Jewish tunes, flavoured with heartwarming Ukrainian a-capella song.

Recast as the band Kon so nans Retro, 8 members strong with their powerful and straight forward sound celebrated today as one of the great revelations of East European world music on the selection Kha-sit-sky Tanets & Horo.

The Rough Guide To Klezmer Revival, World Music Network, 2008

33. Tiganá Santana ‘Marna Kalunga’ Sglns #94 Tk 7 4:41

Tiganá Santana is another Brazilian singer in search of his Afro-Brazilian roots, who reveals with his music his own modern and ancestral view of the universe with Marna Ko-lun-ga.. The Invention of Colour, Ajabu!, 2013

34. I Ching ‘In That Distant Place’ Alb Tk 14 (4:29)

I Ching takes its name from the small bowl-shaped finger cymbals – thick, heavy, made of bronze, with a broad rim and commonly used in Cambodia andThailand. The group offers the composition In That Distant Land. Music For A New World, Chesky Records, 1998

35. Le Vent Du Nord ‘Le diable et le fermier’ Alb Tk 10 (3:39)

Leh Vohn du Nohr (The Wind of North) is a Canadian folk music group from Quebec. The band, formed in 2002. Their sound includes their countries traditions music through tunes like the one named Luh Lah-beh-luh-Lew Fair Mee (The Devil And The Farmer). Tromper Le Temps, Borealis Records, 2012

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 6

36. Spanish Harlem Orch ‘Bailadores’ Alb Tk 6 4.13

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra is a Latin dance music orchestra based in the United States, founded by Aaron Levinson and Oscar Hernandez with the chart Fran Dia en el Barrio. Across 110th Street, Six Degrees Records, 2007

37. Mokoomba ‘Njoka’ Sglns #86 Tk 1 3.46

A good time is had through the foot stomping music of Mokoomba, a fresh collective of Zimbabwean funksters – featuring a Pan African gem caleed Njoka.

ising Tide, Zig Zag World, 2012

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 7


8P Opening

1. Kermit Ruffins ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street’ Alb Tk 3 5:10

Kermit Ruffins, American jazz trumpeter, singer and composer is also from New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. Influenced by Louis Armstrong and Louis Jordan, Ruffins often accompanies his songs with his own vocals with his take on the tune On the Sunny Side Of The Street. Kermit Ruffins, Putumayo World Music, 2005

2. Eva Quartet/Hector Zazou ‘Razvivay, Dóbro’ Sglns #91 Tk 9 5.45

Inspired by Bulgarian folk here is the vocal cast the Eva Quartet negotiating producer Ector Za-zou’s experimental leanings showcasing a musical treatment entitled Raz-vi-vay Dobro-an expansive dance of joy. The Arch, Elen Music, 2011

3. Foundation ‘If They Could They Would’ Alb Tk 1 4:02

Formed in 1986, here is the reggae trio Foundation with If They Could They Would.

The Best Of World Music: Reggae, Putumayo Records, 1994

4. Issa Bagayogo ‘Kalan Nege’ Alb Tk 7 4:05

Issa Bagayogo is a famous Malian musician having released four full-length albums under the record label. Bagayogo lends his voice and plays the kamele n’goni (a six-stringed West African instrument, a distant and ancient cousin to the banjo). On the tune Kalan Nege, Bagayogo calls out to the young people and women of Mali encouraging them to hold onto their hopes and dreams.

Tassoumakan, Six Degrees Records, 2004

5. Leahy ‘B Minor’ Alb Tk 1 3:09

Leahy is the name of a Canadian folk music group. The eight band members, all from the Leahy family of eleven siblings. At a Live concert Leahy performs B minor.

Leahy Live From Gatineau, Quebec, Foreign Media Music, 2006

6. Oumou Sangare ‘Yala’ Sglns #86 Tk 11 4.08

Malian Wassoulou musician, Oumou Sangare affectionately hailed as the “The Songbird of Wassoulou” – I heard and watched her perform in North Africa just a few weeks ago with a crowd of adoring fans who anticipated and finally at the close of her performance got what they came to hear Sangare singing Yala – Roaming Around For No Good

Reason. Oumou, World Circuit, 2003

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 8


9P Opening

1. Jupiter&Okwess International ‘Margerita’ Sglns #94 Tk 1 5:02

Jupiter and Okwess International takes you right to the streets of Kinshasa with grooves like Margerita. Hotel Univers, Out Here Records, 2013

2. Susana Baca ‘Maria Landa’ Alb Tk 1 5:37

With well received albums and a string of acclaimed concert dates in North America and Europe, Susana Baca has succeeded in her mission to preserve the unique musical heritage of Afro-Peruvian music. A true ambassador of her country and it’s musical heritage. Baca sings Maria Landa.

Afro-Peruvian Classics, The Soul Of Black Peru, 2000

3. Orquesta Revé ‘Ruñidera’ CD2 Tk 6 5:09

Orquesta Revé is a music legend in Cuba and a worldwide famous because of charts like Ruhn-yee-day-rah. 30 Real World AT WOMAD, Real World Records, 2012

4. Rachid Taha ‘Ana’ Sngls #92 Tk 9 3:46

Rachid Taha is an Algerian singer and activist based in France and described as “sonically adventurous.” His music is influenced by many different styles such as rock, electronic, punk and raï. With the selection Ana, Taha sings of love.

Zoom, Wrasse Records, 2013

5. Spanish Harlem Orch ‘Gran Dia en el Barrio’ Alb Tk 1 4.35

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra is a Latin dance music orchestra based in the United States, founded by Aaron Levinson and Oscar Hernandez with the chart Gran Dia en el Barrio. Across 110th Street, Six Degrees Records, 2007

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 9


10P Opening

1. Verckys Et l’Orchestre Vévé ‘Nakobala Yo Denise’ Sngls #106 Tk 8 4.04

Back in the day, Verckys Et l’ Orchestre Vévé brought a new American influenced texture, raw energy and sheer funkiness to the Congolese Rhumba scene.

Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969-1978 , Analog Africa, 2014

2. Fatoumata Diawara ‘Kanou’ Alb Tk 1 3.54

Fatou-mata Dia-wara is a Malian musician currently living in France. Her passion for music would cast a shadow on all other interests leading up to her debut album Fah-Two and its opening song Kaa-nou – with these translated lyrics, The other day I argued with my love, my husband. His hands no longer touch my neck, my waist, or my hair. He no longer looks me in the eye and my heart aches. Fatou, World Circuit, 2011

3. Manu Dibango ‘Soul Makossa’ Snglns #83 Tk 12 4.28

Manu Dibango is a Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player. He developed a musical style fusing jazz, funk and traditional Cameroonian music. He is a member of the Yabassi ethnic group, best remembered for his afrobeat single “Soul Makossa”, often considered the first disco record. Lion Of Africa, Global Mix, 2007

4. Angélique Kidjo ‘Ebile’ #1040 Tk 7 3.02

Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo, one of world music’s most electrifying performers with a onus to explore the relationships of diverse musical cultures performs Ebile featuring the American based Kronos Quartet. The music of Kidjo is steeped in the tribal and pop rhythms of her West African heritage from Benin. In tandem Kidjo and the Kronos Quartet perform Ebile, a song about women being the anchor of humanity.

Eve, SLG, 2014

5. Kailasa ‘Kaise Main Kahoon (Int’l Ver)’ Alb Tk 1 4:15

Kai-lasa is an Indian fusion band whose is taken from Mount Kailash, the abode of the Hindu God Shiva. Along with guitars, drums and keyboards; the band incorporates classical Indian instruments and sometimes traditional lyrics to infuse folk and Sufi into their music. Kailasa sings Kye-suh Main Kaboon, How Do I Say It, How Do I Tell Her I Love Her So. Yatra (Nomadic Souls), Cumbancha, 2009

#1079 March 7, 2015 No. 10


7P Close

4. Kali ‘La Biguine Des Enfants Du Bon Dieu’ Alb Tk 4 4.24

Caribe! Caribe’, Putumayo World Music, 1999

8P Close

Patrick Street ‘White Petticoat/Kerry Jig/Katy Is Waiting’ Alb Tk 7 4:34

The Rough Guide To Irish Music, World Music Network, 1996

9P Close

Gal Costa ‘Habib’ Alb Tk 6 4:50

New World Party, Putumayo World Music, 1999

10P Close

Osha ‘Come Again’ Alb Tk 2 (4:40)

Caribe! Caribe!, Putumayo World Music, 1999

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