Trial Ordered For Accused Gun Supplier In Kenosha Killings

Dominick Black Is Charged With Intentionally Providing A Dangerous Weapon To A Minor, Resulting In Death

Kenosha County Courthouse
Kenosha County Courthouse Madeline Fox/WPR

A Wisconsin court commissioner has decided the man charged with buying the rifle that police say an Illinois teen used to kill two people during a Wisconsin protest over police brutality will stand trial.

Nineteen-year-old Dominick Black is charged in Kenosha County with two counts of intentionally providing a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death.

Commissioner Loren Keating determined Thursday there’s sufficient evidence for the case to proceed.

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A Kenosha detective testified that Black told him how he purchased the assault-style rifle at a Ladysmith hardware store after getting some money from Kyle Rittenhouse, who at 17 was too young to legally buy a gun.