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Wisconsin Officials Mull Over Self-Insuring State Workers

Report Say Switch Might Cost $100M

Wisconsin state capitol building
The Wisconsin state capitol building.  Photo: Rough Tough, Real Stuff (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Wisconsin officials are looking at possibly self-insuring state workers, but some lawmakers are concerned there might be an unwanted ripple effect.

At a recent forum put on by Wisconsin Health News, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said that if the state switches from an HMO model and decides to self-insure workers, the effect would be felt beyond state coffers.

“So, the fact we have health plans all around the state that are insuring small businesses and even medium- and large-sized employers and they depend — as part of their network — to be able to have covered lives through the state of Wisconsin. That says to me, if we do it, I want to make sure the savings don’t only accrue to the state,” he said.

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A previous consultant’s report said self-insurance could save Wisconsin $20 million but the switch could cost $100 million more.