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Johnson: Should Wisconsin Bear Full Foxconn Cost?

Senator Says Incentives Package Lawmakers Are Pondering Is 'A Risk Worth Taking'

Foxconn sign
Kin Cheung/AP Photo

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is questioning whether Wisconsin should bear the full $3 billion in financial incentives being considered to lure electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group to the state.

Johnson raised the question since Illinois workers would also benefit from the plant, which is expected to be built in southeast Wisconsin near the border.

Johnson made the remarks Tuesday to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee, saying the incentives package state lawmakers are weighing is “a risk worth taking.” But he said the question is “should Wisconsin be the one to bear the full three” billion since others will benefit, too.

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Critics of the deal have questioned whether the state should offer so much in subsidies to the Taiwan-based company. The state Assembly was expected to vote on the bill Thursday.

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