Madison, WI
'Being Legal In This Country Is Hard'
Belén Chávez

Madison resident Belén Chávez isn't a United States citizen, so she won't be voting Tuesday. Still, there are issues she cares about deeply, including immigration.

"It's already hard to come here for some foreign people that want to come here to study or for work, and with the current president it seems like it's going to be even harder," she said.

Chávez, who is from Mexico City, came with her husband to the U.S. legally, and said there's a lot of bureaucracy that can be difficult to figure out.

"Being legal in this country is hard," she said, noting that she thinks it's even harder for immigrants who didn't come to the country legally. 

Right now, Chávez has an extension of her husband's visa. Even if she were to get an employment visa, there are many restrictions that she finds frustrating, she said.

"You have all the skills, you have all the qualifications, you have the languages, and it's hard," she said.

All in all, Chávez likes living in Madison. She recently moved there from Washington, D.C., and she has been pleased with the way people in the city react to hot-button political issues. 

"I think people are taking action, at least around here," she said, explaining she has been happy with how engaged Madisonians are when it comes to issues such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the #MeToo movement.

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