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DOT Urges People To Stay Off Roads As Snowstorm Continues

With Tow Bans Possible, Drivers Could Be Stranded

Al_HikesAZ (CC-BY-NC)

Conditions on roads in central and northeastern Wisconsin are expected to rapidly deteriorate as a blizzard moves through the region Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service has said travel will be “treacherous,” and the state Department of Transportation is asking drivers to stay off the roads if possible.

According to DOT spokesman Mark Kantola, county highway or sheriff’s departments can issue towing bans if conditions are very bad, meaning stuck drivers could end up waiting for some time.

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“They don’t want to put the towing trucks on the road until it gets a little better,” he said. “You could have to sit out there for a little while.”

Kantola recommended that drivers who are stuck and without immediate assistance not get out of their car.

He added that major highways have been pre-treated with salt, but that 30 mph winds could cause whiteout conditions and drifting.

The DOT is asking people who must drive during the storm to check the 511 Wisconsin website or smartphone app for up-to-date weather and traffic information.