Business Sponsorship FAQ

What is a WPR Business Sponsorship?

Wisconsin Public Radio receives financial support from businesses to support WPR programs. In exchange for this support, sponsors receive announcements on WPR’s airwaves and websites. Business sponsorships are also referred to as underwriting.

Sponsorship formats include:

  • 15-second on-air announcements, messages begin with “support for WPR” (statewide sponsorship) or “support also comes from” (regional sponsorship), followed by the name of the business, a description of the sponsor and general contact information.
  • Digital images, messages rotate across and other program sites in the form of a rectangular tile ad or a smaller logo-only ad near the search box.
  • Digital audio files (pre-rolls), :15 audio messages play before online programs begin (live streaming from websites or mobile apps and archive programming) throughout and related program sites.

How do Business Sponsorships work?

WPR’s Regional Representatives help businesses around the state reach our amazing WPR audience with carefully crafted sponsorship campaigns.

Uncluttered media environment

WPR airs relatively few announcements each hour (on average, 6 per hour), creating a desirable uncluttered media environment for sponsors. With fewer announcements and one standard voice over, WPR’s business announcements stand out and are not tuned out.

Sponsorship Policy

Wisconsin Public Radio is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is obligated to follow its rules and guidelines. The overall content and on-air sound of each sponsorship acknowledgment should be in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public radio.

In such, Wisconsin Public Radio reserves the right to reject any business sponsorship announcement which in WPR judgment would violate an FCC rule or policy, fail to serve the public interest, violate station policies or adversely affect the reputation or financial condition of the station.

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