Badgers Head To California For Next NCAA Round, Against Baylor

Badgers defeat Oregon to proceed to the next NCAA round in basketball
The Badgers defeated Oregon 85-77 to advance in the NCAA basketball tournament. Photo: Chuck Quirmbach / WPR News

The Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team rolls on to Anaheim this week, reaching the NCAA tournament’s “Sweet 16” round.

Thousands of Badgers fans spent hundreds of dollars on tickets, meals and souvenirs as the men’s basketball team won two games in Milwaukee late last week.

After Saturday night’s comeback victory over Oregon, a Franklin man who gave his name as Al at first had just one thing to say: “Unbelievable!… Unbelievable.”

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After a moment, Al went on to say he’s likely heading to California for the next Badgers game, on Thursday: “Absolutely! [I’m] going to go home, get on the Internet, get some tickets.”

According to the NCAA website last night, those ticket prices start at $180. Then you add in transportation, lodging, travel time… Equally enthusiastic fans like Mike Newman of Milwaukee also used the word “unbelievable,” says he doesn’t plan to be at Thursday’s game in Anaheim: “I just have to work, you know. Some of us do.”

The Badgers have learned they’ll be playing the Baylor Bears on Thursday