Walker Reaffirms That He’ll Likely Sign Abortion Bill


Governor Scott Walker is again sounding like he’ll sign a bill requiring women seeking an abortion to first get an ultrasound exam.

Supporters of reproductive rights held a sidewalk rally outside the governor’s home in Wauwatosa yesterday, urging him to veto the ultrasound bill. They said the ultrasound probe would be more intrusive to a woman’s body than their protest was to Walker’s neighborhood.

The governor’s staff initially replied that he’s reviewing the legislation, but in Milwaukee today Walker repeated what he said a couple weeks ago about likely signing the bill.

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“Having people have access to more objective information seems to me a reasonable thing,” said Walker.

Walker says he wasn’t home when yesterday’s protest occurred. He says “pockets of protest at his house don’t affect his public schedule.”

However, Walker did tell the media that with both of his sons now having graduated from a Wauwatosa high school, he and his wife will probably start spending more time at the governor’s residence in Maple Bluff. There, it’s unlikely a protestor would be able to knock on the front door, as one demonstrator did yesterday in Wauwatosa.