Majority Of Wisconsinites Want Toll Roads


A new statewide poll shows some unexpected support for toll roads in Wisconsin.

A Marquette University poll asked more than 1,000 people some questions about paying for roads. The survey found that just 24 percent want the kind of borrowing Governor Scott Walker is proposing in his state budget plan. Only 28 percent want a hike in the gasoline tax or license fees.

Marquette pollster Charles Franklin says 53 percent want Wisconsin to consider toll roads-a majority Franklin says is very surprising: “Of course, the best way to test that is to actually offer them a toll road in their neighborhood, and we’ll see if that support maintains itself.”

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Franklin says he realizes that Wisconsin politicians generally regard the idea of toll roads as a non-starter: “What do you think we are, Illinois?”

Franklin says the Marquette poll shows 51 percent want to delay road building until the state has enough money, while 57 percent back taking money from other programs to pay for roads – leaving the public somewhat all over the map on transportation funding.