Financial aid for college, History of divestment protests, Country music by Black artists

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Headshot photo of André Lamar, who records as The Black Country Singer
André Lamar, who records as “The Black Country Singer,” says the beats of country music can catch your attention, but the lyrics are why people stay. Don Hollowell

A new analysis shows completion rates for federal student aid applications are down in Wisconsin. We examine the findings. Then, amid protests over the war in Gaza, we explore the history of divestment protests. Then, we hear a story from Wisconsin Life. Then, following the release of a popular Beyoncé album, we hear from a Milwaukee artist known as “The Black Country Singer.”

Featured in this Episode

  • Drop in college financial aid applications

    A Wisconsin Policy Forum report finds recent troubles affecting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid have led to the biggest completion declines among marginalized students. The author of the report joins us.

  • UW-Madison’s anti-apartheid and divestment history

    In echoes from the past, college students across the country have recently been calling for their academic institutions to divest from Israel over the war in Gaza. We talk with several people involved in protesting apartheid South Africa decades ago, in Madison and around the country.

  • Wisconsin Life

    We hear a story about one of the most prolific songwriting duos, who happen to have Wisconsin roots.

  • 'The Black Country Singer'

    Although country music has long been thought of as a “white” musical genre, Black artists were integral to its development. We talk with Milwaukee’s André Lamar, who records as “The Black Country Singer,” about how he discovered country music and what he loves about it. 

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