Colleges agree to pay athletes, Search for common ground on abortion, Representing everyone in the theater

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Pictured clockwise from left, Wisconsin student-athletes Kelsey Card (women’s track and field), Lauren Carlini (volleyball), Frank Kaminsky (men’s basketball), Michael Lihrman (men’s track and field), Melvin Gordon III (football), Ivy Martin (women’s swimming) and Malachy Schrobilgen (men’s cross country) represent a total of seven Badgers who were named Big Ten athlete of the year in their respective sports in 2014-15. The group is pictured outdoors in a composite photo at Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 10, 2015. Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

We learn about the legal settlement that would allow colleges to pay student athletes. Then, we hear about an effort to find compromise on abortion. Then, we look at how a theater company is increasing representation in the dramatic arts.

Featured in this Episode

  • Settlement would allow paying college athletes

    An antitrust settlement would allow for revenue sharing with college athletes. We talk with the head of the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette University Law School about the implications for both college sports and student athletes.

  • Opposing views on abortion craft policies together

    This year, 14 strangers with differing views on abortion came together in Wisconsin to craft policies on women’s reproductive rights. The citizens group is an experiment seeking to find solutions on divisive issues. Now members are asking for public input.

  • Wisconsin Life

    We hear about an effort to recycle used trophies.

  • A more representative theater

    In April, a theater company in Milwaukee employing actors and artists with disabilities landed a major grant to create more than a dozen new plays focused on representation. The founder of Pink Umbrella Theater Company joins us.

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