April 3, 2014: Cyberbullying

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Heard On Route 51

This week Route 51 focuses on the psychological effects of the crime of cyberbullying, the use of social media and the internet to harass and intimidate innocent victims. The Marshfield Clinic is hosting two events to draw awareness to the problem: a Behavioral Health Community Conference on Cyberbullying on April 24th, and Mike’s Run, a fundraiser for mental health services on June 21st, in honor of Mike Hackman, a Marshfield man who committed suicide in 2010. Our guests are Mike Field of the clinic’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Department, and Al Nystrom, a childhood friend of Mike Hackman who helped organize the fundraising event. The program will also feature an interview with the conference’s keynote speaker Justin Patchin, Professor of Criminal Justice at UW-Eau Claire, and the author of Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral.

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