Newsmakers, June 30, 2011

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Newsmakers looks at a new effort to improve high-speed internet in parts of western Wisconsin. And, Dr. Connie Arzigian is researching the lives of the earliest inhabitants of the Coulee Region.

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  • Rural Broadband Services In Western Wisconsin

    There is a new effort to improve high-speed Internet in parts of western Wisconsin; the Wisconsin Public Service Commission released a draft plan earlier this month that outlines broadband improvements for the region. We discuss the possibilities with Bruce Mathew, director of computer services at Western Technical College, a member of the committee that developed the plan.

  • Early Inhabitants Of The Coulee Region

    The Mississippi River valley is rich in resources and has attracted inhabitants to the region for some 13,000 years. Researching the lives of the earliest inhabitants is an ongoing initiative of local archeologists, including Dr. Connie Arzigian, laboratory director of the Mississippi Valley Archeology Center at UW-La Crosse. She discusses the center’s research into the past in this second part of today’s Newsmakers.

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