Newsmakers, April 5, 2012

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Dan Baumgardt and Jeff Boyne of the National Weather Service-La Crosse talk with us about this year’s severe weather season, and look back at recent weather patterns. April also means it’s time to file tax returns; Richard Chandler joins us to talk taxes.

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  • A Return to Severe Weather

    Our weather has been a bit of a roller-coaster for many months…record-setting warmth, dryer than normal precipitation, and now the severe weather season. We talk with National Weather Service-La Crosse meteorologists Dan Baumgardt and Jeff Boyne who look ahead to this year’s severe weather season, and back at recent weather patterns, record warmth and ongoing drought conditions. Severe weather awareness week details and information brochures are available through the NWS’s Preparedness website.

  • Tax Season

    Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler talks taxes. With residents having less than two weeks to file their tax returns, Chandler gives advice on filing and also talks about changes to taxes in the state.

    Assistance in preparing tax returns is available here; additional information is available through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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