What Happens Now That The Shutdown Is Over?, Epic Systems Facing Lawsuit Over Accessibility Issues

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Epic Systems, electronic healthcare software giant, is facing a lawsuit brought on by the National Federation of the Blind for not making its software accessible to low-vision and blind people. We learn more about the case. We also learn more about what this temporary end to the longest shutdown in history means for federal employees and the economy.

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    The longest government shutdown in American history came to an end on Friday, after President Trump announced a deal to reopen the government for three weeks. The plan does not include funding for a border wall, and the president is pushing Congress for a permanent solution. A political scientist brings us up to speed on the terms of the deal, and where the two sides go from here.

  • National Federation Of The Blind Sues Epic Systems

    The National Federation of the Blind has sued Epic Systems. NFB says that Epic has violated Wisconsin employment discrimination law by not making its electronic health record software accessible to low-vision and blind people. We explain the case.

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