UW-Green Bay Creates Water Science Program, Spring Snow Melt Could Mean More Flooding

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As we continue to face issues of water quality and water pollutants, the demand for workers with expertise in the field is growing. We hear from one Wisconsin university that is launching a program to meet that demand. We also learn more about what all this snow melting could mean for flood-prone areas of the state when temperatures warm up.

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  • UW-Green Bay Launches New Water Science Degree To Meet Growing Demand

    As the world continues to deal with an increasing amount of water quality and quantity issues, there’s a growing demand for workers with a water science background. We hear about one Wisconsin university’s new effort to try and meet that demand.

  • Spring Flooding Forecast

    Communities across Wisconsin saw severe flooding after heavy rains last summer. Now, there’s concern more flooding could be coming as the snow melts this spring. We talk about flooding forecast and prevention measures.

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