Shipwreck discovered in Lake Michigan, New ratings of Wisconsin hospitals

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A stethoscopeat hangs in front of a monitor at the intensive care unit at the Westerstede Clinical Center, a military-civilian hospital in Westerstede, northwest Germany, Friday, Dec. 17, 2021. As hospitals across Europe brace themselves for a surge in co
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First, a shipwreck hunter tells us how they discovered a ship called “The Trinidad” at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Later, a health care reporter explains how Wisconsin’s hospitals are improving care quality.

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  • How shipwreck hunters found a vessel lost to Lake Michigan around 140 years ago

    In July, two Wisconsin shipwreck hunters found the intact remains of a schooner 10 miles from Algoma. The vessel sank in Lake Michigan in 1881. One of schooner’s discoverers joins us.

  • New ratings: Wisconsin hospitals are improving quality of care

    A recent Wisconsin Hospital Association analysis says the state ranks fourth in the nation for having the most five-star rated hospitals. A journalist with Wisconsin Health News explains the assessment of health care quality.

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