Managing COVID-19 In Prisons, Researchers Examine Risk Factors For Well Contamination

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Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake youth prisons
Glen Moberg/WPR

First, the Department of Corrections Secretary joins us to discuss how COVID-19 cases are being handled in prison facilities. Then, a WPR reporter explains what researchers hope to learn in an ongoing groundwater study in southwestern Wisconsin.

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  • State Corrections Head Discusses COVID-19 In Prisons

    The State Department of Corrections has more than 230 active positive cases of COVID-19 across its facilities. We talk to Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr about how the department is managing the virus’ spread. We also check-in on plans to close youth prisons in the state.

  • More Than 75% Of Wells Tested In Southwestern Wisconsin Contaminated With Feces

    An ongoing groundwater study in southwestern Wisconsin recently found that 76% of wells tested there were contaminated with human or animal feces. We talk to the WPR reporter who’s been following the story.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Laura Pavin Producer
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  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
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