Latest On Lame-Duck Rulings, State Crime Lab Sees Meth Cases Rising

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Bags of methamphetamine at the U.S. DEA
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The state Supreme Court has reinstated most of the laws passed by Republican lawmakers during December’s lame-duck session. We talk about what’s in effect, and what isn’t. Plus, we talk to an emergency room doctor and a drug investigator to figure out why meth use has been on the rise in Wisconsin.

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  • Supreme Court Ruling Reinstates Some Laws Passed During Lame-Duck Session

    Several laws approved by Republican lawmakers last year during a lame-duck session have been reinstated by recent state Supreme Court rulings. We check in with a political reporter to understand what is and isn’t in effect and look at other ongoing lawsuits.

  • Meth Draws Attention Amid Rise In Cases At State Crime Lab

    Methamphetamine, or meth, has become a growing concern across Wisconsin. Last year, about one in every five drug cases at the state crime lab involved meth — more than heroin and fentanyl combined. An emergency room doctor and drug investigator join us to discuss meth and the toll it’s taking.

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