Exploring The History Of Medical Cures (And How They Shaped Modern Medicine)

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from “Quackery,” Workman Publishing. Image Credit: Public Domain

In a quest for health – and beauty and energy – humans have long tried a variety of treatments to cure what ailed them. These included arsenic for skin problems, heroin as a cure for morphine addiction and bloodletting for a broken heart. Join us as we explore the history of cures, learn about the role of regulations in the medical and drug industry and look at how this history shaped modern medicine.

How have medicine and drugs changed over your lifetime? What treatments do you remember from childhood that wouldn’t be used today? What medical history fascinates you? You can be a part of our conversation by emailing ideas@wpr.org, tweeting at @wprmornings and posting on The Ideas Network Facebook page.

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  • John Munson Host
  • Breann Schossow Producer
  • Dean Knetter Technical Director
  • Nate Pedersen Guest

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