El Niño weather patterns affecting Wisconsin, Analysis of ESG investing

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El Niño weather patterns are occurring earlier than expected this year. Meteorologists explain how conditions could affect Wisconsin weather and agriculture. Then, a journalist discusses the troubles with investments that prioritize environmental, social and governance issues.

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  • What Wisconsin can expect during El Niño 2023

    When Wisconsin last experienced El Niño weather conditions from February to August 2019, the conditions were relatively mild. This year, El Niño showed up earlier than expected. A meteorologist and a forecaster explain how El Niño might affect Wisconsin over the next nine to 12 months.

  • Is 'woke capitalism' really woke?

    Conservatives have criticized what they call “woke capitalism” as an attack on the American economy and “Americans’ economic freedom.” But an economic journalist explains why investments that prioritize “environmental, social and governance” issues generally fail to do what they promise.

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