DEI efforts face pushback, Challenges facing university research patents

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Students siting on the hill in front of Bascom Hall at UW-Madison.
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Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at the UW system might face a $32 million budget cut. An education reporter compares this push to others in the U.S. And, some lawmakers challenge rights to the research conducted at public universities. The CEO of UW-Madison’s patent licensing group joins us.

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  • Wisconsin Republicans' push targeting DEI initiatives part of national trend

    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has proposed cutting $32 million from the UW system to offset its spending on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. A reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education compares this push to that from other Republicans targeting DEI efforts around the country.

  • Protecting patents on university technology

    Research conducted at public universities has led to cutting-edge inventions and business startups and federal law allows schools to retain the rights to taxpayer-funded research. But some lawmakers want to change that arrangement. The CEO of UW-Madison’s patent licensing group joins us.

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