Coronavirus: Help On The Way For Small Businesses, Navigating Insurance Challenges

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Closed sign on store
A closed sign hangs in the door of a Converse shoe store Monday, March 15, 2020, in Phoenix as a maintenance worker passes by. Matt York/AP Photo

Small businesses are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus. We discuss possible new federal relief options and other avenues of support. Then, losing your job often means losing your health insurance. Wisconsin’s commissioner of insurance brings us the latest on options for individuals and businesses.

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  • Coronavirus: New Help For Small Businesses

    The first round of federal loans for small businesses struggling through the pandemic ran out so fast that many companies didn’t get the financial help they needed. We talk with a business advisor about new funds and other options.

  • Dealing With Insurance During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    The pandemic is forcing thousands of people around Wisconsin out of work, many of whom have lost their health insurance. Meanwhile, many business owners are wondering if their policies might cover losses from the pandemic. We talk with Wisconsin’s commissioner of insurance about what options people have.

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