Amazon Launches Toy Catalog, Remembering 100th Anniversary Of WWI

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U.S. Naval Hospital. Corpsmen in cap and gown ready to attend patients in influenza ward. 1918.
By Navy Medicine from Washington, DC, USA (09-5036-043 influenza) CC BY 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

It’s been 100 years since the end of World War I. We learn how the Spanish flu caused worldwide devastation at that time. We hear from a historian about how the world may have been different had the pandemic never hit. We also talk about Amazon’s decision to produce a paper toy catalog, delivered to your mailbox, and what it could mean for the retail giant this holiday season.

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  • Amazon Throws Back With Holiday Catalog

    Online retail giant Amazon has come out with a holiday catalog — and you can get it in the mail. The holiday toy catalog is 65 pages long and differs from its box and mortar catalog precedents in some key ways, including notably absent prices. Our guest explains why one of the largest online retailers in the world is putting out a paper catalog.

  • World War One And The Spanish Flu

    This year’s Veterans Day marked the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War One, and many people spent the day honoring veterans while contemplating the war’s long-lasting domestic and global impacts. But our guest says we’re forgetting a big part of our history that caused more worldwide devastation than the war, itself: The Spanish Flu. He tells us about that and helps us contemplate how the world might have been different, had the pandemic never hit.

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