Coast Guard operations on the Great Lakes and the Weather Guys share their forecast

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U.S. Coast Guard members
U.S. Coast Guard members in Sheboygan and Wausau, Wis. Sherman Hogue/DOI (CC BY-SA)

The U.S. Coast Guard has vast law enforcement responsibilities on the Great Lakes. The regional operations of this military branch are explained. Then the Weather Guys, Steve Ackerman and Jon Martin, return to talk about the early solstice, recent rainfall and a predicted active hurricane season.

Featured in this Episode

  • How the U.S. Coast Guard patrols the Great Lakes

    The Ninth U.S. Coast Guard District oversees all five Great Lakes. The command center in Milwaukee alone oversees about 120 search and rescue missions and 350 boardings of vessels on Lake Michigan per year. We learn about these operations from Phil Gurtler, the public affairs officer for the Ninth Coast Guard District.

    United States Coast Guard website

  • The Weather Guys: An active hurricane season could affect the Midwest

    The Weather Guys return to report: We have had more rainfall than usual this summer, and there may be more to come. With the National Weather Service predicting an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season, more big rain events could push into the Midwest.

    “Reginald Sutcliffe and the Invention of Modern Weather Systems Science” book information

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  • Larry Meiller Host
  • Phil Gurtler Guest
  • Steve Ackerman Guest
  • Jon Martin Guest
  • Jill Nadeau Executive Producer
  • Joel Patenaude Producer
  • Jeff Robbins Technical Director