The Road To Higher Ground with Jonathan Øverby

Dr. Jonathan Øverby uses the power of music as a “pathway to increasing our understanding of diverse groups worldwide.” Shaped and inspired by his many years of independent travel, research, and engagement with music makers around the globe, Jonathan invites you to tune in and experience an evening of culturally — inclusive celebration of genres — near and far, ancient and modern, familiar and unique.

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Jonathan Øverby

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  • Saturday Showcase

    #1546 10 February 2024

    Saturday Showcase
  • Saturday Showcase

    Music by Al Green, Keb Mo’, Bessie Smith, Vishten, Battlefield Scottish Band, Kotojo, Te Vaka, Lucy Kaplansky, Charles Mingus, Astor Piazzolla, John Coltrane, Nisos, Prem Joshua, Wimme, Mel Torme, Youngblood Brass Band, Wolfstone, The Waifs, Mercedes Simon, Queen Biz and more.

    Saturday Showcase

Saturday Showcase

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