Cecilia as Patron Saint of Musicians

Cecilia’s wedding feast, from the Beaupré Antiphonary, c. 1290. The saint isn’t yet a musician, but music is central to the celebration. (Image courtesy University of Chicago Press)

Saint Cecilia, an early Christian martyr, is famous for being the musician’s saint. From artistic depictions of her playing instruments to musical societies and festivals named in her honor, St. Cecilia’s association with music has a rich and very long history. Yet the story of how she gained her status as patron of music and as a musician herself is fascinating. –by Emily Thelen, Early Music America.

Read more at: https://www.earlymusicamerica.org/web-articles/virgin-martyr-to-musician-cecilia-as-patron-saint/

To learn more read Saint Cecilia in the Renaissance: The Emergence of a Musical Icon by author John Rice published in 2023 by the University of Chicago Press.

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