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What are your favorite hobbies? We’ll take your calls on hobbies you have, love or are trying to get into. Then, gas prices are rising and adding to concerns about inflation. We’ll talk to an expert on oil markets about why, and what the next few months of gas prices could look like.

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  • We want to hear about your hobbies

    Painting, learning languages, collecting vintage treasures – hobbies can be anything you want them to be. We want to hear about yours! What’s your hobby? What do you love about it? What does it add to your life? Do you have a list of hobbies you want to take up?

  • Energy researcher on gas price trajectory after another record high in Wisconsin

    The cost of regular gasoline hit a record $4.81 a gallon Monday in Wisconsin, according to American Automobile Association’s survey. An energy market researcher gives us his insight as staggering gas prices affect our summer travel, work commutes and other aspects of daily life.

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