Young People Health Insurance Numbers, Human Trafficking In Milwaukee, Recipes Featuring Whole Grains

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An FBI sting in Milwaukee last month recovered nine adolescents from sexual exploitation, casting a spotlight on the city’s problem with human trafficking. A reporter explains the severity of the issue, and describes how advocates are trying to help. We also explore why young people aren’t signing up for health insurance, and get some tasty recipes featuring healthy whole wheat.

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  • As ACA Enrollment Continues, Getting Young People Signed Up Remains A Challenge

    The third annual open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act is underway, and for those seeking coverage starting in January of 2016, there’s only a few more weeks to take action. But, since HealthCare.Gov went live, there’s one group of Americans that’s been hesitant to sign up for plans: young people. A guest discusses why getting young people signed up for plans is still a major hurdle.

  • Milwaukee's Human Trafficking Problem

    Milwaukee consistently ranks in the top five cities in the nation for the recovery of trafficked adolescents, and an investigative reporter tried to get the story behind the numbers. Our guest explains why Milwaukee is dealing with this problem and explains how activists are trying to help.

  • Food Friday: Experimenting With Grains

    Whole grains aren’t just for vegetarians. On this edition of Food Friday, a Wisconsin chef and culinary instructor shares ideas for satisfying dishes that use everything from quinoa to bulgur, and rice to wheat berries.

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